Inside a tram, Darmstadt, Germany, April 2014

很不型的一件事:當時是四月,我剛剛到埗,比其他人的遲。當沒有其他香港人在身邊,我不會去任何比較遠的地方。雖然感覺不太好,但最 少我感到很安全。有一日,我決定自己去買食品雜貨。乘電車時,我很緊張。我不停地看顯示屏但其實它沒有運作。我很注心地聽每個廣播但其實我聽不明德文。最 後我下錯站。我嘗試用google map,但上網連線不良。其間還下了點雨。最後我找到一間超級市場,並順利回到家中。由那天開始,我開始多了一個人出街逛。感覺很好。第一次總是很困難,但只要肯開始,所有東西都會一點一點好起來。
It is so uncool to talk about: It was april. I newly arrived and was later than other people. I would not go to anywhere slightly far away without my HK mate. It did not feel nice but at least I felt safe. One day I decided to do grocery shopping by myself. When I was in the tram, I was so nervous. I kept looking up at the display screen but actually it was not working. I paid full attention to every single announcement but understood nothing. Ended up I got off at a wrong station. I tried to use google map but the data connection was not good. It even suddenly rained a bit. Finally I managed to go to a supermakt and went back home safe. From that day on, I started hanging out alone more. It felt nice. The first time is difficult but things always get better as long as you start.

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