Mason and Ronny in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, March 2014

昨天收到Ronny從Reykjavik寄來的明信片。自從2014年1月看過The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,我便一直很想去冰島。電影中有一幕Mitty在踏着滑板(配上這首歌做背景音樂)。 我會學開車。我會辭掉我的工作。我會在某個地方轉機才飛到首都。我會租輛車,駛到某個地方,然後把車停在一邊,坐在一旁,吃着外帶壽司。但我怕冰島沒有壽司賣,那我便要從香港偷運一些。另一個問題是,這個國家的生活費用很高,到時要用很多錢租地方、租車、租單車⋯⋯我想學吹口琴,最小要懂一首曲。
Yesterday I received a postcard from Ronny sent from Reykjavik. Since watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty in January 2014, I have been interested in visiting this country. There is one scene that Mitty played skateboard with this song as background music. I will learn how to drive. I will quit my job. I will fly to the capital with a stopover at somewhere. I will rent a car and drive to somewhere. I will pull over the car, sit at somewhere and eat take-away sushi. But I worry that Iceland doesn't have sushi, then i need to smuggle some from Hong Kong. Another problem is this country has a really high living cost. It will cost me lots of dough to rent a place, a car, a bike... I want to learn playing harmonica for at least one song.

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