l'apres-midi gallery, kwun tong, hong kong, july 2015

i saw this instrument once in a russian movie (Ангелы революции) before. just now i googled it. according to wikipedia, it is called theremin (Терменвокс), named after a russian and soviet inventor, léon theremin. it is also one of the first electronic music instruments in the world. here are youtube links to somewhere over the rainbow and mozart's piano concerto played by a theremin which sounds really beautiful with the beautiful hand movement. i want to see a clip of angely revolyutsii again, in which polina was playing a theremin before the gun pointed at her, but a pity that i found nothing.
我之前曾在一套俄羅斯電影(Ангелы революции)中見過這件樂器一次。剛剛我google了。根據維基百科,它叫做特雷門 (Терменвокс),以俄羅斯及前蘇聯發明家léon theremin之名來命名。它亦是全世界其中一件最早的電子樂器。這裏是兩條以特雷門演奏的somewhere over the rainbowmozart's piano concerto的youtube link,聲音很悅耳,加上那雙手優雅地移動,更美。我很想看多次電影中,polina被槍指之前演奏特雷門的那一幕,但可惜找不到。
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