Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 2014

[Houses along the canal, children playing, crowd inside Rijksmuseum, Hortus Botanicus, Amsterdam being cycling friendly, beautiful canals]

這是一個美麗的地市。Hostel有陣大麻味。咖啡店不賣咖啡。因為世界盃,四周都是人。我們租了架單車周圍去。我佢大概記得那張遊客地圖。我沒有去到eye電影館。還有這裏有不錯的second-hand shopping。
It is a beautiful city. The hostel smelled of weed. Coffee shop didn't sell coffee. Everywhere were people due to the World Cup. We rented a bike to cycle around the city. I can still roughly remember the city map. I didn't go to the eye cinema. And it has good second-hand shopping.

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