#192 Songs about Darmstadt

Germany, April - August 2014


每當我聽Nouvelle Vague的Friday Night Saturday Morning,我都會想起那些一個人回住所的寒冷晚上。這首是我小數其中一首能背到大部分歌詞的歌。每次因為晚上太黑而感到恐懼時,我都會沿途唱着這首歌。

每當我聽Red House Painters的Katy Song,我都會想起那些走出住所去掉垃圾或者準備早餐的清涼早上。不過連自己都不知為何,特別那幾個月我甚小聽這首歌。

p.s. 我知道沒有可能,但我仍希望香港每個鄰舍都有一個有很多樹的公園。

About Darmstadt:

Whenever I listen to Nouvelle Vague's Friday Night Saturday Morning, I thought of those moments I walked back to my place alone at those cold nights. It's one of the few songs I can remember most of the lyrics. Every time I felt scared because of the night being too dark for me, I sang it along the way.

Whenever I listen to Red House Painters's Katy Song, I thought of those moments I went out to dump the trash or prepared breakfast in the cool mornings. But I find no clues between them, esp. I rarely listened to this song during those few months.

p.s. I know it's impossible, though I still wish every neighbour in Hongkong has a park with lots of trees.

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