Me in Macau for a day, January 2016

差不多半年前。那一天十分寒麼,風很大,時不時還下起雨來,所以都不怎樣影相。還有這是我第一次去賭場,除了很暖很舒服之外,都不太有甚麼好感。順帶一提,標題來自Radiohead的新歌。很喜歡這首歌。它有一個很神奇的地方 -- 反轉時聽起來會像另一首歌。
Nearly half a year ago. It was so cold, windy and rainy so I had only taken a few photos throughout the day. And it was my first time to go into a casino. I don't have a good feeling with casino except it is warm enough and comfy. By the way title named after Radiohead's new song which I like a lot. It's amazing that this song sounds like another song when hear it reversed.

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