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Ionut Cristash's How to Recognize Real Love:
I don’t know what happened with my life at some point. I think I had some sort of an accident that made all of my senses get into some sort of coma. 
Me right now. Like I don't enjoy movie anymore but I used to go to the cinema once a week.


  1. It happens that to not feel wrecks one's mind more than feel some moderate pain.
    There is sth I wish to tell you long time. You seem depressed. Maybe it's not true but if it is, then I feel I should write you this: Pain is an inevitable thing in life, whereas sadness is mostly by our own choice. Keep talking with friends, hiking, travelling and tasting food, dear.

    1. Thanks :) But I don't need anyone teaching me how to live.

    2. Thanks for reply. I get it. Have a nice day

    3. Oh... and greetings from Poland/ Wiki

  2. Hi Kiki! I've known you from the time you was still on fromtheimaginist.
    Yesterday, i decided to make my own photography blog so it would be great if you'll have time to check it :) thanks! Stay gold xx

  3. You are not alone, I feel this way a lot. I'm personally of the opinion that existing is a bit meh and pointless. No drama or anything... I wouldn't say I have a bad life. It's just that deep down, I think life is ultimately not worth the effort? I don't have a zest for it anyhow. I have to constantly try and try to achieve a normal level of "happy." Still struggling daily. You are brave for sharing, thanks Kiki.

    P.S. In regards to movies, I saw Finding Dory at the cinema today and it was the first movie I genuinely enjoyed from start to finish in a long time (and I watch an alarming amount of films regularly). The short film screened beforehand was also very good!


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