Thunderstorm and "Good to be alive"

Irene hiking at Tsing Yi Peak a.k.a. Sam Chi Heung (三支香), Tsing Yi, Hong Kong, August 2016 




[Sam Chi Heung literally means "three joss sticks" as it is a hill made up of 3 peaks.]

This hike is my-closest-to-death experience. Looking up from the weather forecast, I knew it was going to have scattered shower. At the beginning, the weather was quite nice. But in an instance, the weather turned real bad. We ended up soaking wet and even saw a lighting streaked at the power pole next to us. It's a day of high level of adrenalin.

Once is too much for this kind of experience.
陽光普照和大汗淋漓。(那些是菲林上的塵,不是Irene的污穢。) / Sunny and sweaty. (Those are dust from film not dirt on Irene.) 植物欣賞。/ Plant appreciation. 跑山人士經過。當時的我們仍未意識到這個陌生人(下稱,大叔)將會是今次事件的關鍵人物。/ Mountain runner passed by. At that moment we didn't realise this stranger (the Uncle) would become the key person of this event. 更多植物鑑賞。/ More plant appreciation. 從第一個峰看見的風景。/ The view from the 1st peak. 




Then I didn't take any photos for a period of time

On the way to the 2nd peak, the rain got stronger and it started thundering. What made it worse was that we were on a mountain surrounded by trees and power pole. So we decided to go back to the pavilion at where we started. We began running and ran nonstop. My body was still so unfit although I have gone on hiking from time to time. My legs fatigued. But whenever I slowed down my pace, Irene shouted at me, "Run!".

Back to the 1st peak, we saw the power pole next to us got struck by lightning. Then we started running again. We found the Uncle was hiding under a rock. He joined us and we ran down to the pavilion together. My poor legs started shaking.
終於回到涼亭來避雨和雷,同時與大叔聊天。/ Finally back to the pavilion and waiting for the rain and thunderstorm to stop; meanwhile, chatting with the Uncle.
雨細了,雷聲亦遠離,於是繼續上路。風景的確很美。/ The rain was getting smaller and the thunder was further away. Then we kept going. The view was indeed decent. 大叔向我們解釋貨船如何進入和離開香港,還有青衣橋的結構。/ The Uncle explained how the cargo ships entered and left Hongkong and talked about the structure of Tsing Yi bridge.
As lame as it may sound, "Good to be alive" is the first thing I thought of after going back to the city.

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