Kayaking, lighting and striking a reef, told by a socks wearer

Andy, Koey and Issac kayaking(sit-on-top) at Sai Kung, Hong Kong, June 2016




Planned to kayak half of last time's route. But ended up less than a half.

On that day, the tide fell and the water became shallow but I didn't pay extra notice. Consequently I struck a reef. The sea was clear and shallow that I could see the reef underwater. But these submerged rocks looks like a lot of mysterious black objects moving which made me uncomfortable. Upon arriving at Pak Sha Chau, the weather turned bad all of a sudden. The rain and wind became stronger. To play safe, we decided to end earlier. On the way back, it suddenly struck a lighting. Then a lot of bird flying in circle above an unknown island nearby. It's my first time to stay on the sea when the weather was bad. It felt kind of creepy. When I returned the kayak, the owner said it's just a piece of cake.

Lighting again but that time is a lot scarier.
一開始時的天氣還可以。/ Okay la weather at the beginning. 顏色很配的毛巾包的帽與救生衣。/ Matching colour between the towel wrapped hat and life-saving jacket. 自我介紹:穿襪的人。/ Self-intro: A socks wearer. 海上風光好。/ Good scenery on the sea. 我觸的那個礁。那一帶的水底都隱隱約約見到這些為數不小的神祕的礁石,划過的時候我毛骨悚然。/ The reef my kayak got struck on. I could vaguely see quite a number of these mysterious submerged reefs around the area. They made my flesh creep. 當我們到達白沙洲,天氣突然變差。風變得很大,之後還下起雨來。/ Once we arrived at Pak Sha Chau, the weather turned bad instantly. The wind became stronger and it even started raining. Issac. 你看到那部機嗎?/ Can you see the aeroplane? Koey being uncool as usual.
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