#243 Music playlist (2016.10)

上一次弄music playlist已經是半年前的事。這半年來是我活過最無創意、最低產量的一段時間。大部分的早上我都忘記了前一晚做過的夢。我臉上未試過會有這麼多暗瘡。我知道我不是快樂的,但我也不是傷心的。當有時間,我便行山,或者讓自己的思緒飄到什麼都沒有的地方。我仍有看書,但只有很小很小,例如八月到現在仍在讀《世界末日與冷酷異境》。你知道麼?活在香港很難,但它會一直是我最喜歡的城市。回歸正傳,這些都是我的comfort song和all time favorite,任何時候聽到就會很舒服、很幸福。特別是第一和最尾那兩首,它們總是讓我心頭一暖。
It's been half a year since I last made a music playlist. This half a year is the most uncreative and unproductive period of my life. I forget my dreams made from last night in most of the mornings. I get many pimples on my face. I know I am not happy but am not sad neither. When I have free time, I go on hiking or just let myself space out. I still read but a very little bit, e.g. I've been reading Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World since August. You know what? Life in Hongkong is tough but it will always be my favorite city. Anyway, these are my comfort songs and my all time favourite. Especially the first and last songs, they always bring back some warmhearted feeling.

(ง ˙ω˙)ว

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