I can't remember all the things i knew.

Sai Kung, Hong Kong, September 2016 

I was so looking forward to seeing this view again. But when I saw it, I didn't feel excited at all and I was disappointed with my reaction. Maybe I am not old enough to miss this view.

p.s. 我部相機有漏光問題。雖然我很喜歡這兩張有問題的相出來的效果,但我亦只有這兩張是喜歡的,另外有差不多三十張相都被漏入的光毀掉了。/ There is a light leak problem with my camera. These 2 photos do look nice with the light leak. But they are also the only 2 photos that actually look nice with it while at least 30 other are destroyed.
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