#246 City boy. City girl. City life.

Mason (& Ronny) in Mong Kok, Hong Kong, September 2016

今晚與媽媽談起街燈,便想起兩年多前我在德國居住了一段很短的時間 。當時我每一晚都要開着一盞燈才能入睡。如果把所有燈關上,就會真的是漆黑一片,很可怕。當時我亦有一張音樂playlist叫做「Happy song」,專門在睡覺時放來聽。房外的世界太靜了,如果不製造點聲音,就連我的空間都變得一片死寂。我太習慣香港的光與躁音污染了。原來已經是兩年多前的事。
Tonight when I was talking about street light with mum, I thought of my very short stay in Germany more than 2 years ago. At that period of time, I needed to have a light on to sleep. If I turned off all the lights, my room would become complete darkness which I can't handle. I also had a music playlist called "Happy song" to listen to when sleeping. The world outside was too quiet for me. If I didn't made any noise, my room would also be engulfed by the silence of the outer world. I am too used to the light and noise pollution in Hongkong. It's already been more than 2 years ago.
привет 前往某地方。/ Going to somewhere.Selfie. Twinning. 比我的胸都要大。/ Bigger than my boobs.

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