#250 Finally trees formed the sea.

Me on Kowloon Peak/Fei Ngo Shan (with Petercat), Hong Kong, November 2016

Finally the weather got colder but it became warmer again all of a sudden. I am scared of cold weather but really hope winter to come. Because this is the norm I have always known. Nowadays, we are surrounded by too many abnormal and twisted things. I don't want more to happen.
早餐。/ Breakfast. 是不是父子?/ Are they father and son? Hi hi. 飛鵝山。/ Fei Ngo Shan. Hi hi. 很喜歡電塔。/ I like electrical towers a lot. Hi hi. 那邊是獅子山。/ That's Lion's Rock behind me. 提醒。/ Reminder. 懶得去正正常常地影張相。/ Too lazy to be normal. 很喜歡這張相。/ Like this photo a lot. 樹形成了海。/ Trees form the sea.

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