#256 Half black Seoul

Namsan / 남산 / 南山 & N Seoul Tower, Seoul, South Korea, December 2016


今個月頭我自己一個人去了兩日首爾(扣除搭飛機的時間)。這次旅程很短暫,短得我並沒有任何期待,只當是終於又可以逃離香港。但最後我在這裏度過了一段美好的時光。重遇兩年多沒見的朋友碰面、見到很多東西、吃了很多好東西、試了不同的韓國酒,還買了14對襪 ⋯⋯ 現在我想念首爾。


Second day's sunset time.

I visited Seoul by myself for 2 days (after minus the flight time). The trip is too short that I didn't expect much but rather just a short escape from Hongkong. But it ended up I had a great time here. I met friends who I hadn't seen for more than 2 years, saw lots of stuff, ate good food, tried different Korean alcohol and bought 14 pairs of socks... Right now I am missing Seoul.

However, I discovered my OM-1 went out of order in Seoul after I came back to HK and got my film scanned.  More than half of my photos became half black. I will send it to the camera shop to see what happened. But so far I believe the weather in Seoul was too cold for my camera. The reason is too long so no explanation. Here are some of the photos that are okay la after cropping another half black away.
可惜,幾乎全部首爾塔的相都在另一半黑當中。/ Sadly nearly all shoots of the Seoul tower are right in the half black. 光禿禿的樹 -- 冬天仍未到來但首爾對我來說已經太冷了。/ Bare trees -- winter had not yet come but Seoul was already too cold for me. 第一次一個人行山。不過行南山算不上是行山,沿途都是水泥路。/ First time to hike alone. But hiking to Namsan is not really a hike because all pathment were paved with stairs and concrete. 紅葉。/ Red leaves.  纜車,下山時搭。/ Cable car which I took to go down. 黃昏時的南山很美麗。/ Namsan looked beautiful when sun was setting. 不是紅葉,而是一些不知名的紅色小果實。/ Not red leaves but some tiny unknown red fruits. 半黑的城市與山。/ Half-black city and moutain. 半黑夕陽。/ Half-black sunset. 以下已經是全部我懂得說的韓語 / Below are the only Korean I can say:
  • Hello = Anyo Haseyo
  • Thank you = Kamsamnida
  • Sorry = Joesonghabnida
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