#257 Alter ego

Myeong-dong / 명동 / 明洞, Seoul, South Korea, December 2016



The first and second night.

On the first day, it was quite late after my arrival at Seoul. Besides of convenient stores, I didn't go to anywhere else. I hadn't travelled alone for a long time. The last time I took a night flight was going to somewhere far away. On the second day, I bought myself a beret. I like it a lot.
一隻我不知道名字的熊。/ A bear who I don't know his name. 第二晚收到這個氣球時想轉送給 Gonji,但她說最後一晚再算,好讓它能待在我身邊多點時間。最後我在第三晚前往機場的途中送了給她。/  On the second night, when I received this ballon, I wanted to give it to Gonji. But she said let's leave it on the last night so it could stay with me a bit longer. Finally on the third night, I gave it to her on the way to the airport.
Off topic, the half cooked eggs from the convenient are so tasty. I ate one on both nights.

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