#258 Princess and the flower

Gonji in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea, December 2016 



This was the second night.

I met up with Gonji who I hadn't seen for more than 2 years. Ascending from the metro station when taking the escalator, I saw her through the glass. I immediately knocked on the glass, then waved my hand. All of a sudden I thought of a similar situation happened more than 2 years ago. At that moment, Gonji was the one outside of the tram's window and knocked on the glass, then waved hand to Raphaël who was on the way to the train station. When it comes to trivial stuff, I have quite a good memory.
準備吃韓式燉雞。/ Ready to eat Jjimdak (Korean braised chicken).Kakao store. 在弘大周圍逛和買襪 ⋯⋯ / Walking around Hongdae and buying socks... 馬格利 (又名農酒) / 막걸리 / Makgeolli 公主與花。/ Princess and the flower.

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