#262 The coldest morning in my life looked so blue in the photos

Gyeongbokgung Palace / 경복궁 / 景福宮, Seoul, South Korea, December 2016



My first morning in Seoul, a.k.a the morning of the second day.

This morning is also the coldest moment I have had in my life. The palace was indeed beautiful but all my attention went to the fact that "the weather is too cold". At the end I left earlier and went to somewhere warmer. Along the way, it was too cold that I kept stroking my nose and ears to know if they were frozen to death... I am too used to the warm weather in Hongkong. 這次旅程有一半照片都是半黑,很可惜。/ Such a shame that half of my photos from this trip turned out half black.

It has already been 2017. I had taken such a long pause before posting this last set of photos from my brief trip to Seoul.

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