A cold hard stone

Irene on Sze Shan & Cheung Shan (獅山、象山), Hong Kong, December 2016

I like Cheung Shan very much. It was very vast and had a lot of rocks up on the mountain. And there were no other people.
靈隱寺亭。/ Pavilion of Ling Yan MonasteryIrene 與她的髮辮。/ Irene and her braided hair.不明植物。/ Unknown plants.我的外套。/ My jacket. 石。/ Rocks. 更多石。/ More rocks.石頭上白色的青苔。/ White moss on rocks.象山三角網測站。/ Triangulation station of Cheung Shan.發展。/ Development. 枯樹的殘骸。/ Wreckage of a dead tree. 那邊是大澳。/ That's Tai O over there.

Currently obsessed with hiking.

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