#269 Arakawa river is real

Shinkoiwa / しんこいわ / 新小岩, Tokyo, Japan, November 2016



Me & Koey went to Arakawa river /荒川 in Shinkoiwa, Tokyo, Japan, November 2016

We stayed in Shinkoiwa for the first night. Tokyo is colder than Hongkong ne. After washing and dressing, we strolled around the negihbour and went to Arakawa river to see the scenery that doesn't exist in Hongkong.
企鵝。/ Penguin. 鄰舍。/ The neighbour. 老人與柴犬。/ Old man and his Shiba-inu. Koey 貓。/ Cat. 很久沒有踏單車了,很想念在單車上。/ I haven't cycled for a long time. I miss being on a bike. 變色龍Koey。/ Camouflaged Koey. 你看得見月亮嗎?/ Can you see the moon? 很可愛。/ This is cute. 新小岩。/ Shinkoiwa. 我。/ Me. 荒川。/ Arakawa river. 立入禁止。/ No entry. 鳥,很多。/ Birds. Many. #kodakpotra160

Shinjuku Gyoen / 新宿御苑, Tokyo, Japan, November 2016

Many people.
紅葉。/ Red leaf. #kodakcolorplus200 #kodakproimage100
  Road in Shinjuku / 新宿的馬路, Tokyo, Japan, November 2016

End of the second day.


I have visited many places but nearly forget where I have visited. If I try to remember, all those memories are so distant. It is so distant that as if I only went there in my dreams.

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