The mountain and the forest

Mount-fuji 5th station / 富士山五合目, Japan, November 2016



We joined a day tour to see Mount-Fuji, Aokigahara and lava cave on the 3rd day.

The first stop: Mount-Fuji 5th Station. The weather was not nice. It was very cloudy and I could see nothing. However, in the last 5 minutes, the clouds dispersed for a short while. Mount-Fuji was right in front of me. So moved.
前往五合目的路上。/ On the way to the 5th station. 去一個我常常想起的地方。/ Going to somewhere I always thought of. 快到五合目。/ Soon to be 5th station. 終於見到了。/ Finally saw it. 我愛富士山。/ I love mount-fuji.



Koey waiting, Fujiyoshida / 富士吉田市, Japan, November 2016



Aokigarhara / 青木ヶ原 / 青木原, Japan, November 2016



The second stop: Aokigahara. This place has 2 other more famous names which are Sea of Trees and Suicidal Forest. Dying here must be very lonely.

I had always been long for visiting this place.
被鹿破壞過的痕跡。/ The traces left after being destroyed by deers. 我們的第二和第三站的日本導遊,Tade-san。/ Our Japanese tour guide for the 2nd and 3rd stops -- Tade-san. 美麗的樹。/ Beautiful trees. 熔岩。/ Lava. 保持親近。/ Stay intimate.


之後菲林便用光了,所以最後一站 -- 熔岩洞 -- 沒有拍到照。
Then I used up my film. So no photos for the lava cave.


I have a very sentimental heart lately.

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