March comes in like a lion


這筒ASA 400菲林其實是Lomo在2010年從意大利一間菲林製造商購得 -- 被我忽略了的一點,加上最近香港都一直在下雨和有很多雲,最後所有相都低曝了。很可惜我不能把這卷菲林最佳的狀態表現出來。

p.s. 我已經調較了這些相的光暗。

Lomography Hongkong has gifted me a roll of them newly-but-limited release Color Negative Film F2/400. But I also heard that they have been completely out of stock. Such a shame if you want to try them out.

This ASA 400 film were actually bought by Lomo from an Italian filmmaker in 2010 -- something I missed out. Plus recently it has been cloudy and rainy in Hongkong. These photos ended up underexposed. It's sad that this film is not performed at its best.

p.s. I have adjusted these photos' lightness.


Koey in Tsim Sha Tsui & Austin, Hong Kong, March 2017

黃花風鈴木。/ Golden Trumpet Tree. 憂鬱的維多利亞。/ The melancholic Victoria.


Me in Tai Po, Hong Kong, March 2017

I have been volunteering at an organisation that helped stray dog but it's my very first time to to take photos of the dogs with my SLR. But it's difficult to take the photos as they kept moving.


Irene camping in Ngong Ping / 昂平, Hong Kong, March 2017

Go camping with a big backpack.
從河中取水。/ Getting water from the river.
下一個早晨,我們早起到附近的大金鐘山去行山。當時太大霧了,看不到日出。/ In the next morning, we woke up early to hike to the nearby Pyramid Hill. It's too foggy that we couldn't see the sunrise.

Somewhere near home, Hong Kong, March 2017

It's a contrail but my lens is obviously not suitable for shooting telephoto.


Mason in Wu Kai Sha, Hong Kong, March 2017

香蕉的優雅。/ Elegance of a banana.

Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, March 2017

Then I went to buy pens.


March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb

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