During my first long distance flight, I was drawing.



Yesterday I was looking for paper to practice my handwriting. Then I found a notebook with this set of pictures drawn during my first long-distance flight back in 2014. They are mostly the pictures of my airline meals.

I was still a student and was going to Darmstadt in Germany to stay for 4.5 months as an exchange student. I took Emirates Airlines from Hong Kong International Airport to Frankfurt Airport with a stopover in Dubai Airport. I was drawing along the way.


The first airline meal. I remember my flight took off att 12:XXam.

The second airline meal. There were still traditional Chinese on the menu.

During my stopover in Dubai Airport. I remembered I dared not to take any photos in the airport as I heard that there were people arrested in Dubai because they took photos of something.

The third airline meal. There were no more traditional Chinese on the menu. I remembered there were no more asian flight attendants and I was one of the few asian passengers on the plane.

最後一餐飛機餐。我記得自己很喜歡那個Lamb Machbous.
The last airline meal. I remembered I liked the Lamb Machbous quite a lot.


I nearly forgot. These 4.5 months of time affected me a lot.

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