My first glacier hike

Kok Zhailau / Кок-жайляу, Almaty, Kazakhstan, April 2017

有一個早上我們與本地導遊去了 Kok Zhailau 行山。這座山的起點距離市中心大約只有半小時車程。雖然是雪山,但山上一點都不冷,還有點熱。



One day in the morning, we went hiking at Kok Zhailau with local guides. The mountain is around half-an-hour car ride away from the city centre. Although it was a glacier, it was not cold at all and was even quite hot.

As it was stepping into spring, the snow was still melting. Within a few hours, we had walked on snow, ice and mud slush, and also strode over the river formed from the melting of snow. Some parts of the accumulated snow were so thick that half of my lower leg was into the snow. (I know it's not thick at all for the standard of some countries but for me it's quite a lot because there is even no snow at all in any seasons of HK.) For some parts, the ground was actually ice. I felt like skating when walking on it. But sometimes the ice was so thin that a bit forceful step could break it and I could see the river below.

I was wearing a pair of ordinary hiking boots which were absolutely not suitable for walking on ice and snow. But good that I had a pair of trekking poles and the foot steps from the guides to follow.
此行首段路程可以看到城市景。右邊那座塔就是Kok-tobe。 / View of the Almaty city from the beginning part of the hike. The tower on the right is the Kok-tobe. 松果。/ Pine cones. 由我們吃午餐的地方影。我懷疑相中的山頂才是Kok-tobe的山頂,但當時沒有向導遊確定。/ Shot from where we had lunch. I doubt the peak in the photo is actually the peak of Kok-tobe but I didn't confirm with the guides.下山。/ Going downhill.回頭看。/ Looking back. 之後我們便上車(不是相中那一架),然後去了大阿拉木圖湖。待續
Then we got on the car (not this one in the photo) and went to Big Almaty Lake. To be continued.

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