Charyn Canyon, Valley of Castles

Charyn Canyon / Шарын шатқалы / Чарынский каньон, Kazakhstan, April 2017




We took 6-hour car ride in total to travel between Charyn Canyon and Almaty's city centre.

I always thought dessert must be very hot throughout the year but I was wrong. It was a very windy and cold day when we were at the canyon. The wind was so strong that I felt like being pushed by someone's hands from behind.

It is a beautiful place. I would love to see how it looks in summer and winter (it snows and has so many snows) in real life.
由阿拉木圖市中心出發,經一條叫「Кульджинский тракт」的公路前往峽谷的三小時車程路上,我們停下來看羊。/ During our 3-hour car ride along the "Кульджинский тракт" road to the canyon from Almaty's city center, we stopped on the way to look at these sheep.  車繼續行駛不久我們又停下來看另一群羊。其實浴途我們還看到很多新事物,包括遊牧人、一群馬、一群牛、有趣的墓地 ⋯⋯ 所有在香港從不會見到的東西,不過最後就只叫了導遊停車去看羊。/ Not long after the car continue to ride again, we stopped for another flock of sheep. Actually along the way we saw a lot of new things, e.g. shepherds, a flock of horses, a flock of cows/bulls, some interesting graveyards... everything we can't see in Hongkong but it ended up we only stopped for the sheep.  從一段距離看起來羊們像一堆石頭。/ Looked like rocks from a distance. 很美麗的一個畫面。/ This scene is so beautiful. 繼續上路了。/ Continuing our way.
我們在一個有遮蔽物的地方停下來。/ We stopped by again at somewhere with a shelter. 回到車上繼續上路。/ Back to our car and continuing the journey. 到達入口時導遊把車停下來,在看更亭辦了點手續後,國家公園管理員便放我們入來。再開車多一段路,我們就達這個地方。/ The guide stopped the car at the entrance and did some registration stuff at the guard kiosk. Then the country park guard let us in. Not long after we drove a bit further, we arrived at this place. 這個地方,冬天時會下很大雪,夏天時熱到草都枯掉,春天就剛剛好。但今年的春天遲來了,所以即使是四月中天氣仍很冷。/ This place snows a lot in the winter but was so hot that grass can barely grow in the summer. The weather in spring is just right but this year's spring comes late and it was still cold although it was the mid of April.</ span>沿着樓梯走,我們正式進入峪谷。/ Taking the stair down, we officially entered the canyon. 很美麗。/ So beautiful. 很喜歡石頭和草。/ I like rocks and grasses a lot. 真的很大風。/ It was very windy. 「青蛙親吻蘑菇」石。/ "Frog kissing mushroom" rocks. 跌下來的石。/ Fallen stones. 這個峽谷很普遍的一種沙漠植物,而我不知道它的名字。/ A common dessert plant in this Canyon but I don't know its name. 它的「花」。/ Its "flower". 風滾草,來自上面提過的那棵不知名植物的一部分。我們行行下都會見到風滾草滾動經過。/ Tumbleweed, coming from the unknown plant mentioned above. When we were walking, we saw tumbleweed tumbling and passing us. 一堆風滾草在比較小風的地方停下來。/ A pile of tumbleweed stopped at somewhere not windy. 一個大的風滾草。/ A big tumbleweed. 不友善的卡車。峽谷地面都被卡車輪胎破壞了。/ An unfriendly truck. The ground of the canyon is damaged by the truck tyres.  Alexey and Asya. 提醒。/ Reminder. 小小的紫花。/ Little purple flowers. 我不喜歡峪谷這個部分。為何總要自然遷就人類的慾望而被改變,而不是人類自己配合自然?/ I don't like this part of the canyon.  Why is it always the nature accommodating human's lust but not human coordinating with the nature? Charyn河。/ Charyn River. 樹幹。/ Tree trunk. 我們行了一小段山路。/ We hiked a bit. 美麗的河。/ A beautiful river. 煩都要說多次,很美麗。/ Although it's annoying, I have to say again -- so beautiful. 回程。/ Our way back. 回到我們開始的地方。/ Back to where we started. 然後上車離開,不過不是圖中的車。/ Then we got on the car and left (not the car in the photo).

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