Feelings can creep up just like that

Koey (+ Andy & Harry) hiking to Ngam Tau Shan (岩頭山) in Sai Kung, Hong Kong, January 2017


p.s. 如果我會駕車,我一定會是一個感性的道路使用者。

A set of photos shot a few months ago. In these 2 months, I seldom take photos. Even if I do, I just take normal but boring photos. Being normal is good but being abnormal from time to time make it more interesting.
密集恐懼症。/ Trypophobia. 我和她。/ Me and her. 快到岩頭山山頂。/ Soon to be at the peak of Ngam Tau Shan. 從岩頭山山頂看到的風景。/ View from the peak of Ngam Tau Shan.

"Feelings can creep up just like that. I thought i was in control."

(Olympus OM-1, Kodak Colorplus 200, film soaking)