The brief moment

Irene hiking to Jardine's Lookout (渣甸山) & Siu Ma Shan (小馬山), Hong Kong, February 2018

Another day going hiking. We both are on treatment so we only went to somewhere easy. This route is similar to the one from 2 years ago. The sceneries along the way is also similar.
石礦場。/ A quarry. 即將走的路。/ The route we were going to take. 當日同一段路有比賽進行中。 下山的路。/ Down the hill. 生來又死去。


Recently I have a thought: meaning of life is to survive. We were born and are going to die. I have been doing many different stuff in our whole life. All these things are endowing meaning to my survival. Now I am thinking of a quote from Lilja 4-Ever: You remain dead for all eternity, but you're alive only for a brief moment.

(Yashica FX-3 Super 2000, Kentmere 100)

Bird watching

Wetland Park, Hong Kong, March 2018

這天拿了我鏡藏中已經是最長焦的鏡頭去拍照 ⋯⋯ 其實都知道200mm一定會不夠用。沒多久便傳來Agfa Vista停產的消息。
This day I brought my longest distance lens to make photos... although I knew 200mm was surely not enough. Not long after Agfa Vista is reported to be discontinued.
山指甲花。/ Ligustrum sinense. 紅耳鵯。/ Red-whiskered bulbul. 越大變得越健談,但亦都變得越內向。一直都想轉換下環境,給自己一些新衝擊。

(Olympus OM-1, Agfa Vista 400)


Koey strolling around Mong Kok, Hong Kong, December 2017

Film is very stable. The one that is more difficult but not impossible to predict is expired film.

(Olympus OM-1, expired Centuria DNP 400)

I still shoot film

Jordon, Hong Kong, October 2017

Self developed black and white negatives again but first time to scan film by myself. 頑張って!

I am too used to shooting with film but sadly one day film is going to be eliminated.

(Mamiya C330F, Rollei RPX 100, developed with Kodak D76)

Me inside another mirror

Selfie, Hong Kong, February 2018

I saw this mirror in an alley.

(Olympus OM-1, Kodak Colorplus 200)

When I was copying...

Hong Kong, November 2017 - January 2018

When I was drawing/copying a pink Paeonia suffruticosa (I don't know the English common name), my teacher was drawing this little pot of flower.

(1: Olympus OM-1, expired Fujifilm 業務用 400
2-3: Olympus OM-1, Kodak Colorplus 200)

The sun set but will rise again

Sunset Peak (大東山) with Mason & Ronny, Hong Kong, December 2017

四年前的12月我來過這裡行山,那是我第一次正式行山 (那些小山丘就不計了)。當時山上只是間中會見到其他行山客。四年後再次來臨,人非常的多,自己亦都已行過香港不少山。


I came here to go hiking for the first time (not counting the tiny hills) in December of 4 years ago. During that hike, I only came across other hikers from time to time. 4 years after, a lot of people were here and I myself have also hiked to quite a number of mountains in Hong Kong.

I was so weak this day. They needed to keep on waiting for me.
大家都來拍照。/ Everyone was taking photos. 海就在那頭。/ There was the sea. 途中還是見到有人會在小屋上休憩。/ Along the way I still saw people resting on the rooftops of the cabins. 小屋變醜了以外,有意義嗎?/ Besides of the cabin becoming ugly, what's the point of writing these few words? 走錯了的路。/ The wrong way. 在日落前下了山。/ We left before the sun set.
(Olympus OM-1, Kodak Proimage 100)