Moon, river...

Irene in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, August 2017 

It's a song.

Can you see the noise?

Mong Kok and Wan Chai, Hong Kong, August 2017 

This set of photos are so noisy.
人流管制障礙物。/ The crowd control barriers.
I never get used to the noise.

If only

Chan in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, May 2017 

It's terrible that I forgot I still had this roll of film inside the camera and opened the back.
好彩這張看起來還正常。/ Lucky that this one still looked fine. 但願。
If only.

In my dreams

Koey in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, November 2016



Out-focus and hand shook.

Recently I made bad dreams from time to time. In those dreams, everything was so wonderful and I once see a friend from the past. But the gap with the reality turned them into a nightmare to me. Do you understand what I know?

p.s. She had been wearing this shirt for a long time but didn't realise this was actually the name of a famous club in Berlin not long after these photos were taken.

Nice to meet you, number 718

Irene in Sai Kung, Hong Kong, April 2017

We went hiking but it started raining all of a sudden. We needed to cancel the hike and went back .
地圖、指南針。/ Compass and map. 水庫。/ The water reservoir.我們行路回西貢市中心。中途在涼亭休息。/ We walked back to the Sai Kung town and took a rest at the pavilion on the way.有隻水牛加入我們。/ A buffalo joined us.他 / 她是718號。/ S/he is number 718.

Bay Gate

Macau, April 2017

This city seems becoming more boring every time I visit.

The sun hurts my eyes

Clear Water Bay, Hong kong, June 2017 



I don't want to be back at all. If it wasn't for a friend, I wouldn't come back. But as it was a rare chance to be here, I still strolled around this old place. Whenever I saw something familiar, it felt like I had seen something harsh to the eyes.

It was a Saturday afternoon. There were not many people around as usual.
我曾經上戲劇堂的地方。/ Where I took my drama course.