Keep painting

Painting, Hong Kong, November 2020


(Olympus OM-1, Kodak Portra 400)

Farewell lunch

Lunch with Mason, Hong Kong, August 2019

I only used this camera once. These are the few photos I only posted after a long time.
Farewell lunch eating Korean food.

(Reto 3D, Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400)

Sunset in the city

Sunset, Hong Kong, September 2020



If I am right, all of these photos were shot in last year's September.

I still have many photos as yet posted here. So tired.
每星期 / Every week每天 / Everyday有天 / One day
Sunset is beautiful. The light of sunset makes this city looks more beautiful.

(2-3: Konica MG, Kodak Gold 200;
the rest: Konica MG, Kodak Colorplus 200)

Hiking to Lo Yan Shan

Me hiking with Irene & Sisi to Lo Yan Shan(老人山), Lantau Island, Hong Kong, October 2020



More than a month has passed since I last posted. It has already been another year for both solar and lunar new year. Today is the 4th day of the lunar new year. This is the year of cow. Let me share you a set of photos taken from a day of last year. On that day, I saw a lot of buffaloes.

Lo Yan Shan literally means mountain of old man.

Today I went hiking with both of them again in Lantau Island. We haven't hiked together since this time in October 2020. After we went down the mountain, we came across with a road bike accident. The cyclist's face was covered in blood. His forehead was ruptured and he looked very painful. I tried to help but felt very helpless. The other people called for ambulance but the accident itself jammed the traffic. It ended up taking 20 mins for the ambulance to come. His breath became weaker as time went by. I tried to stay calm but my hands shook very badly. Later I googled the news but couldn't find anything. I hope he will be alright. 
水牛一隻。/ A buffalo.長得很奇怪的樹。/ A tree that grew weirdly. 貝澳 / Pui O 山火瞭望台 / Fire Look Out十塱水塘的小屋 / Cabins of the Shap Long Reservoir 芝麻灣監獄 / Chi Ma Wan Correctional Institution應該是烏鴉。/ Should be crows.見到有隻水牛在水中。/ Saw a buffalo bathing in the water.
之後見到更多水牛。/ Then we saw a lot more buffaloes.

(1-12: Konica MG, Kodak Colorplus 200;
the rest: Konica MG, Fujifilm C200)

November 2020

Hong Kong, November 2020 

Just realized I took very little photos in November. I still carry a camera along with me but I don't feel like taking photos most of the time.
美麗的花,但不知道名字。/ Beautiful flowers which I don't know their names. 影Koey多過自己。/ Making photos of Koey more than myself.藝術館。/ Museum of Art.尖沙嘴海濱。/ Tsim Sha Tsui promenade.中間那幅畫我第一次見是2013年時,想再見很久了。但願自己有錢有空間可以把它收藏。/ I first saw the painting in the middle in 2013 and wished to see it again since then. I wish I have the money and space to collect it.
By Phillip Hui.

I wonder if I will completely lose interest in photography in the future.

(1-8: Konica MG, Fujifilm C200;
9-10: Olympus OM-1, Kodak Portra 400)

Kadoorie again

Kadoorie Farm & Botanical Garden, Tai Po, Hong Kong, July 2020


I had only been to this place once this year. Given the situation of the corona virus, it is not opened for public most of the time. I like this place a lot. I could quietly look at the plants and sometimes ask the staff questions about plant. But due to my bad memory, I forgot most of the answers.
銅錘玉帶草 / Pratia nummularia 翠雲草 / Blue spikemoss小溪中有些從樹上跌下來的蓮霧。/ There were some Java apples fallen from the trees in the stream. 血紅樹蘭 / Fire-star orchid 蘭花 / Orchid 大紅花的花蕊 / Pistil of shoeblackplant我 / Me好像星星。今早起床前夢見香港的夜空有很多星星。/ Looks like stars. This morning before I woke up, I dreamed that there were lots of stars in the sky of Hong Kong. 可愛。/ Kawaii. 電塔看起來很平靜。/ The power pole looked peaceful.

(Nikon F2, expired Centuria DNP200)