Let it happen

Hong Kong, September 2017

The world has always been changing so fast. How will Hongkong look like after a year?
應該是全世界最高的山。/ It should be the tallest mountain in the world. 又是塞滿車的告是打道。/ Jammed Gloucester Road again.
刺身 -- 我的最愛。/ Sashimi -- my favorite. 人心易變。一年後我們又會變成怎樣呢?
People's thoughts change easily. How will we be after a year?

Music playlist (2017.10)

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Here are some instrumental music. 

(ง ˙ω˙)ว

It's been a year

Mason after buying a new roll of film on 2 different days, Mong Kok, Hong Kong, October & November 2016

Super overdue photos taken on 2 different days. It's so soon to winter.

他的「新」相機。/ His "new" camera.

What have I done in this one year?

Oh my Mamiya

Sham Shui Po & Jordon, Hong Kong, August 2017

The weather was nice so I took the camera out to take some photos.
我很喜歡這個城市。/ I like this city very much. 這部借來的相機重了點,不能夠隨身帶着,很可惜。但我用得好高興,謝謝。有時會覺得自己真的很幸運。
This borrowed camera is quite heavy. A shame that I cannot carry it along with me to anywhere. But I am happy to use it. Thank you. Sometimes I feel really lucky.


My niece (not my daughter), Hong Kong, August 2017

Unlucky that you were born to this ridiculous era.

The Big Buddha

Big Buddha / 天壇大佛, Lantau Island, Hong Kong, May 2017 

It was drizzling.
杜鵑花 / Rhododendron

p.s. 看來這部相機過片時有點問題,每張相之間的相隔距離都很不同。/ Seems there is a problem with this camera's film advancing. The space between each photo is very different. 


I seldom practice my Chinese writing after June.

The world looks better through our eyes

Irene, Hong Kong, August 2017



My first time to use medium format camera to shoot slide. It is so satisfying when receiving the film. I have shot a 135 slide before but I used wrong exposure setting. The photos turned out either overexposed or underexposed. Then I dared not to shoot slide again. After a year, I tried again and am happy with the result.

Anyway slide looks better with bare eyes
我在夏天出世的。/ I was born in summer. 很想擺脫現在的生活呢。/ Want to get rid of this kind of life I am having now. 謝謝那位借這部相機給我用的小朋友。/ Thanks to the child who borrowed this camera to me.

Typhoon signal no. 8 was hoisted again in Hong Kong today. Wish everybody doing well. The news said a typhoon like Hato will happen at least once a year because of global warming.

My left hand

Home, Hong Kong, May 2017

I started learning guitar since last month. Probably because of holding the guitar too forceful and practicing quite a lot, my left thumb's joint have been feeling painful. Anyway it's my only hobby that I won't feel stressed when doing it. And sound of guitar is beautiful.