Some daisies

Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, June 2017

Some daisies. A small city in Germany has a lot of daisies in Spring.

Temperature drops a lot. I really don't like the cold weather. A shame that autumn is too short. The weather was so nice that everyone talked out.

Sweet light

Plum candy, Hong Kong, October 2017

Refraction of light by this little pack of Japanese plum candy.

A bit sour and a bit sweet. Just right.

I think we can fly too

Irene hiking along the Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (龍蝦灣郊遊徑), Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong, July 2017

Summer has ended. Autumn is also so soon to end. It was a hot sunny day. So hot that I didn't leave much impression on many things. I have completely forgot how I went up and go down the hill.
雲很美麗的一天,但所有照片出都來都好像有層霧。/ A day with beautiful clouds but the photos came out with a layer of fog on top. 甲蟲與花。/ Beetle and flower. ? 蛹 / Pupa.

See you tomorrow

Me in Chai Wan, Hong Kong, October 2017 

用英文道別時我比較喜歡說「see you」多過「bye」 。
I prefer saying "see you" to "bye".

No, it isn't.

Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong, October 2017

I have been kept on losing weight although I eat more nowadays. It's such a beautiful city.

What does Kiki mean in your language?

Martha in Prince Edward, Hong Kong, October 2017 

The answer was told by someone few years ago and I got reconfirmed.
一幅由西班牙藝術家所畫的牆引起了Martha的注意。/ Wall painting done by a Spanish artist which caught the attention of Martha. 

Sensitive skin

Somewhere near home, Hong Kong, August 2017 

As the season changes, my skin becomes more sensitive.


Let it happen

Hong Kong, September 2017

The world has always been changing so fast. How will Hongkong look like after a year?
應該是全世界最高的山。/ It should be the tallest mountain in the world. 又是塞滿車的告是打道。/ Jammed Gloucester Road again.
刺身 -- 我的最愛。/ Sashimi -- my favorite. 人心易變。一年後我們又會變成怎樣呢?
People's thoughts change easily. How will we be after a year?