One of the neglected things

Copying Crape myrtle, Hong Kong, May 2018

After copying this one, I found that there are lots of Crape Myrtle around Hong Kong.

Worsened again.

(Olympus OM-1, Fujifilm C200)

Vaguely Kwun Tong

Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, January - May 2018

Already half a year. Get well soon Kiki.

It's late now. I haven't made a dream that I can still remember when wake up for a long time.

(Olympus Pen F, Bergger Pancro 400)

A lost Magikarp wandering around

Me still being a Magikarp and wandering around Hong Kong, January - May 2018 



A roll of film for 16 frames of photos took me half a year to finish.

Magikarp will become Gyarados someday.


Yesterday was 5th of May in lunar calendar. It was also the Dragon Boat Festival (more proper to translate it as Duanwu Festival) to commemorate a man who committed suicide two thousand years ago. The dragon boat was the boat people sailed to the river looking for the body of the man. The rice dumplings was the food people dumped into the river so the fish would not eat the body of the man. Nowadays, it is a big day to organize the dragon boat race and people eat rice dumpling to celebrate the festival.

(Fujica GA645, Fujifilm Pro400h)

The flame

Koey in Sham Shui Po with Royal poinciana, Hong Kong, May 2018



Royal poinciana again.

Season of its flowers has ended.
Flame extinguished.

(Olympus OM-1, Fujifilm C200)

The moon leads the way


Indecent exposure

Hong Kong Flower Show, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, March 2018

That morning I had only slept for less than 2 hours and then went out to the Flower Show, taking this set of photos.
大理花 / Dahlia 繡球花 / Hydrangea 鬱金香 / Tulip
Just some sex organs of plants.
(Olympus OM-1, Kodak Ultramax 400)

Day after day

Wan Chai, Hong Kong, March 2018


(Yashica FX-3 Super 2000, Kodak Colorplus 200)