Be free

A bird and Eunice in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, April 2020

Strolling along the Seaside.
杜鵑花和小白鷺,其中兩樣我在等待期間見到的事物。/ Azalea and the little egret -- 2 of the things I saw when waiting. 魚。/ Fish. 之後日落,我們還見到一隻死掉的水母,但沒有菲林。/ Later it was sunset. We also saw a dead jelly fish. But I ran out of film.

I want to sleep a lot. The real world is very cruel. Life in Hong Kong is becoming more difficult by each day. More and more people around me are talking about immigration. It makes me sad.

(Most of the photos: Modified Seagull 4b, Kodak Portra 160;
2, 3 & 8: Olympus OM-1, Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400)

The idea

V for vendetta, Hong Kong, November 2019

"We're told to remember the idea and not the mane. Because a man can fail. He can be caught, he can be killed and forgotten. But 400 years later, an idea can still change the world."



When I watched this movie last year, I totally feel it. I watched this movie 3 times for 3 consecutive days. If I watched it a few months earlier before June 2019, I don't think I could really understand this movie.

Is what we are taught to be wrong really wrong?

p.s. Hong Kong, get well soon.

(Olympus OM-1, Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400)

Dust bathing!

Animals, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong, April 2020



My heart melts.

Do you know that sparrows bath in the sand? I heard it before but it was the first time I saw it. Luckily my camera was attached with a 135mm lens at that moment. 沙浴的痕跡!/ The trace of the dust bath! 黑領椋鳥 / Black-collared starling  黑臉噪眉 / Masked laughingthrush 很大隻的飛蛾。/ A huge moth. 又是可愛的麻雀。/ Kawaii sparrow again. 小蜜蜂 / Bee 杜鵑花 / Rhododendron 圓碌碌的珠頸斑鳩 / Spotted dove 高樓大廈種的植物。/ Plants planted on a skyscraper.

(Olympus OM-1, Kodak Colorplus 200)

"We all grew this way"

Admiralty, Hong Kong, September 2019




Around half a year ago. It feels like not long ago but also feels like a long time ago.

Efforts do not promise rewards. No matter how hard we have tried, things do not get better. The situation keeps on getting worse. Lies and fallacies are everywhere. But I guess if we chose to give up on any tries since the beginning, the situation would have gone worse much faster.

There are many possibilities, many guesses, many pities and many regrets. There are also many truths that ordinary people like me will never know.
「我們都是這樣長大」(We all grew this way) Looking at the beauty contest.

(Modified Seagull 4b, Kodak Portra 160)

Life with masks

Hong Kong, March 2020



Previously the situation of Wuhan pneumonia in Hong Kong was worse. There were fewer people on the street. There were even fewer people in the restaurants. Now the situation is much better. There are many people everywhere again. But still, everyone is wearing masks.

Now the weather is very humid and hot here. Living a life with mask is not easy.

(Olympus OM-1, Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400)

Seen from a footbridge

Wet market, Yuen Long, Hong Kong, April 2020



Foot bridge again. There are many bridges in Hong Kong.

At night walking on a foot bridge. It's fortunate that Hong Kong does not need a lockdown.
賣蔬菜。/ Selling veggies. 看起來好像一切正常。/ Looks like life goes on normally.

(Olympus OM-1, Kodak Colorplus 200)