Music playlist (2017.04)

我極小聽廣東歌,一直以來都是聽外語歌。但最近我開始聽廣東歌,不過全部都是舊歌來的。而這幾首歌是三套我很喜歡的港產片配樂 -- 阿郎的故事、重慶森林和金枝玉葉。

I rarely listen to Canto songs and have always been listening to foreign music. But recently I started listening to Canto music but they are all old songs. These few songs are from 3 of my favourite Hong Kong movies' soundtracks -- All About Ah Long, Chungking Express and He's a Woman, She's a Man.

(ง ˙ω˙)ว

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